How do I start using Jussimple?

It’s simple. Once you register, the Custom Systems, Charts, and Indicator tools will be available to you in your login. Just login to the website and start using our Charts now!

Are there any fees?

There are no fees. Once your trading account is setup you can access the Live Trade Room Charts in your login right away. There are no hidden fees, no costs, and we provide you lifelong support and assistance as long as you need it!

How does Jussimple make money?

Jussimple makes all of its money from private investments and from referral commissions and partners. You can learn more by emailing

Do I need any experience to start?

None at all. In fact the less experience you have the better. Experience and existing ideas can distract you from learning new things and paralyze your actions as your mind attempts to hang onto old habits. Anyone can begin to get rid of all the noise in order to get it right the first time.

Does Jussimple open my trading account for me?

No. Jussimple does not accept and does not allow the sending of trading funds to Jussimple. Instead we guide you with the correct knowledge to know exactly how to trade on your own and keep your money safe in your complete control.

Is this available anywhere else?

No. The Systems and Tools provided to traders here are proprietary algorithms, sequences, and pattern recognition tools built for traders, by traders. You cannot find this system or any of its components anywhere else. Our systems are a result of 15+ years of live trading in the markets after trying thousands of different indicators and strategies one by one. These systems and custom tools are the result of thousands of failures, after analyzing and testing all market conditions. After discovering the few things that do actually work and automating them into a set of rules, we’ve simplified the process to deliver you the most accurate and helpful trading solution for every trader.

Is this theories or real world knowledge?

What you will get is real world working systems used by us on a daily basis along with the exact rules executed on a daily basis to run a successful trading business long term.

If this is so good, why are you giving away all of your secrets?

Let’s assume that we were able to somehow contact 50 million people worldwide. Of these 50 million people, let’s say only 10% of them listened to what we told them to do. That’s only 5 million people. That’s a lot less than a tenth of a percent of the human population (0.01% of the human population). Our secrets will never reach 1% of the human population. With so many myths and misinformation online related to trading we aim to demystify this industry and equip traders with the correct knowledge to run their own trading business taught by industry experts that have been trading live for over 15+years. Having tested and built thousands of trading systems and indicators using 50+ years of live market data we know exactly what NOT to do in the trading industry to teach you the few things that work consistently in all markets and time frames. What we deliver to you is the result of constant demand from friends and family who have requested our assistance in learning how to trade and wanting to run a trading business long term. Once you do the math, nobody is creating wealth from this industry without hard work and understanding how to run a trading business long term. We developed this all in one Custom System of rules to give you the correct knowledge and understanding required to trade consistently and truly grow in this industry as legitimate professionals. We can spend years telling you the same thing over and over again and you may still never put it into practice. Meanwhile someone else may have listened on day one and transformed their life the same year. Knowledge and tools are meaningless unless you apply them and take action. For this reason we wanted to deliver an all-in-one package that teaches you how to trade and run your own successful trading business.

How long does it take to learn?

This may take a 30 minutes, a few hours, days, or a few weeks to entirely grasp and understand. This aspect entirely depends on you and your commitment level. We provide you the exact daily processes and steps we take to trade and run our business. Once you connect the pieces it will become about staying disciplined and consistent as you follow this process like a routine habit. It only takes a few minutes a day to apply yourself and implement our Custom Systems and Tools into your life.

What do I need?

Just a laptop and a few minutes a day.

How much technical analysis or news based trading is used?

Every market variable has been accounted for including all indicators, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, news, and human bias variables. With every aspect of the market isolated and converted into a quantified system we provide you the exact strategy necessary to execute trades safely and long term on a consistent basis. Once you use the system you will understand and radically transform your ideas about the markets and how you see them. Giving you the edge you need to trade.

What size should my trading account be?

There are no minimums in sizes. Everything is matched to exact percentage based ratios. This means there is no difference between an account that is $5,000 or $500,000. All trades match the ratio of the balance. We teach you how to trade with small incremental trade sizes to stay safe and conservative while trading. Remember, 1% is 1% in both accounts of $5,000 and $50,000 balance. The difference is that 1% on $5,000 is $50 and 1% on $50,000 is $500. Everything is a matter of perception and scale. There is no limit to trading size.

Will this work in any market and any time frame?

Yes. All markets are inherently lines moving up and down on a screen once you get rid of the market name and human bias variables. Once you understand the markets in their simplest form you will understand that they can be organized into exact range based patterns to determine up and down moving trends. This systematic approach allows you to customize your charts to any size to trade based on your schedule whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All markets are the same and the only reason people don’t know this is because they have not tested and analyzed over 50+ years of market data down to the millisecond. We did this work for you and will teach you how to use it in your daily trading cycle.

How many trades per day?

With the standard setup there will be approximately 3-5 trades per hour and more markets added in the future to make 7-10 trades per hour. These cycles can be executed once or twice a day to build a consistent habit of systematic trading expertise.

I am considering other trading systems how can I decide?

We give you everything for free because we use it ourselves. The important thing is to see what they offer. We use our systems every day and this is the only way that we make full time income. It’s important to understand the difference between training that is just made to take your money, and systems that are designed to be lifelong tools that you can execute whenever you want, as much as you want, and that continue producing results no matter what market conditions exist. We have tested thousands of indicators, systems, mechanisms, money making schemes, and infrastructures to understand what NOT to do. By dissecting each aspect into individual steps and complicating the trading industry to the extreme, we were able to quantify it into a few simple steps that need to be executed daily in order to run a successful trading business. Our systems will work forever and we will continue using them no matter what. It’s up to you if you wish to do the same.

I don’t want to trade right now, should I still do this?

Yes. Our system and tools allow individuals who do not want to invest to make money long term. Learn how trading referrals work and grow your residual income base by collecting profits from trading transactions. This is a great way for you to rapidly grow your income base without having any investments. Then, one day if you feel like it maybe you can start trading yourself.

Can I trade longer than 20-60 minutes per day?

Yes. There is no limit to the amount of time you spend using our Custom Systems and Charting Tools. You can change your schedule to trade whenever you want. There is no difference when it comes to our simplified approach. All markets and all time frames are the exact same.

What about losses?

Trading strategies cannot exist without losing trades. It is inevitable and you cannot be making 100% profitable trades all the time as the market swings both up and down. You can take trades on both rising and falling markets and profit or lose on both sides of the trade. If 100% of your trades were profitable you would be a billionaire in a few years. This makes no sense because that means a billionaire that trades would be a trillionaire, and that just isn’t logical. By following systematic and exact rules our Custom Systems and Charting Tools are able to identify key turning points in market movement to identify exact entries and exits on every trade one by one. Once you understand this process you will be able to trade without stress, worry, or confusion about where the markets going. Everything is exactly defined to give you confidence and peace of mind while trading.


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